The purpose of this policy is to outline how ensure all properties managed or owned by St Kilda Community Housing (SCH) are maintained.


This policy applies to all properties managed or owned by SCH.

Policy Statement

SCH is committed to undertaking all maintenance and repairs to a standard that is compliant with all legislative and regulatory requirements and that contributes to resident health and well-being.

To achieve this, SCH will:

  • Undertake all maintenance within the appropriate timelines and to a high quality
  • Inform all residents at the start of their tenancy of maintenance expectations, including information on urgent and non-urgent works
  • Inform residents of their rights and responsibilities, including complaints processes
  • Monitor maintenance and repairs services.

Responsive Maintenance

Responsive maintenance covers all maintenance tasks that are not part of a regular maintenance schedule. These tasks are usually initiated by residents themselves but can also be initiated by the housing managers.

SCH has two categories of responsive maintenance. Urgent repairs are as stated in the Residential Tenancies Act 1997. Non-urgent repairs are undertaken in the response timeframes outlined in the table below.


Category Example Response time
Urgent A burst water service

A blocked or broken lavatory

A serious roof leak

A gas leak

A dangerous electrical fault

Flooding or serious flood damage

Serious storm or fire damage

A failure or breakdown of any essential service or appliance for hot water, water, cooking, heating or laundering

24 hours
Non-urgent A leaking tap

A hotplate that is not working

A broken clothesline

Damage to cupboards


14 days




SCH operates a call centre service for after-hours maintenance. All residents are given this number for urgent repairs that are required outside normal business hours.

All maintenance and repairs are undertaken by suitably qualified staff or contractors.

Resident Rights and Responsibilities

Residents must report any maintenance issues to SCH as soon as they occur. If SCH fails to respond to a request for urgent repairs within 24 hours, a resident has the right to arrange for urgent repairs to be undertaken. A resident must then give SCH details of the repairs undertaken and the cost within 7 days of the repairs being carried out. SCH will then reimburse the resident for those reasonable costs within 7 days of receiving the details from the resident.

Any maintenance that needs to be undertaken as a result of resident damage may be charged to the resident according to SCH’s Property Damage – Recharge Policy.

Vacated Maintenance

All vacant properties are inspected immediately after a resident vacates. See Inspections Policy.  Any work that needs to be done will be completed, as far as is feasible, within 7 working days.

Cyclical and Planned Maintenance

This includes maintenance that is undertaken on an ongoing or regular basis, such as cleaning, gardening and the replacement or upgrading of property items. It can also include fire equipment and smoke alarm inspections, and gas and electrical safety checks. Refer to SCH’s Cyclical and Planned Maintenance Policy

Asset Management

SCH conducts rolling 3 year Property Condition Reports as part of its Asset Management Strategy. An Asset Management Plan then determines the nature and extent of the works required for each property. Refer to SCH’s Asset Management Policy and Asset Management Strategy.


Download SCH Maintenance and Repairs Policy


Current renters

If you are a current resident in a St Kilda Community Housing property, you can contact your housing manager on 9534 1809 or email housing@stkch.org.au

You can also visit the STKCH office at 116 St Kilda Rd, St Kilda.

If you are locked out or have lost your key please call the office number during business hours (9am-5pm) – on 03 9534 1809

If locked out after-hours call 1300 311 342 There is a $130 charge (residents will not be charged for faulty locks) and an additional costs for key replacement.

The after-hours emergency maintenance number is 1300 311 342