Our mission is to build housing communities in the St Kilda area for people who may:


We are committed to ensuring that as an organisation we:

  • provide affordable housing in a community setting;
  • provide a safe and secure housing environment;
  • give tenants a sense of having a home not just a tenancy;
  • preserve and enhance singles’ housing stock;
  • improve housing and support programs for low income people with special needs;
  • develop innovative housing models.


St Kilda Community Housing currently own and/or manages 21 rooming houses in the St Kilda area.

In addition to managing our own portfolio of properties, we manage properties owned by the Office of Housing, Department of Health and Human Services, Victorian Government; and the St Kilda Uniting Church Parish.


Being an active member of the Port Phillip community is important to us. As a social landlord it is important that other community representatives feel that they can approach us to discuss housing related matters. Being seen and heard also means that we will always be strong advocates for the rights of social housing tenants and for the sector more broadly.