This policy outlines the approach taken by St Kilda Community Housing (SCH) to resident engagement and participation in the services provided by SCH.


This policy applies to all residents of SCH.

Policy Statement

SCH is committed to the engagement and participation of residents through the following:

  • Building connections with residents and valuing opportunities for feedback from residents
  • Improving service delivery by involving residents in meaningful opportunities for participation in decision-making
  • By supporting tenants to engage in activities that improve their health and well-being, improve their relationships with other residents and facilitate access to activities and programs identified by them.

To achieve this SCH will:

  • Inform tenants of any activities they can be a part of.
  • Hold regular house meetings with residents to explore and address issues of concern
  • Communicate regularly through resident newsletters
  • Provide interpreters and disability access at meetings and events, where required
  • Provide resident brochures in appropriate community languages
  • Undertake regular resident surveys and report back on the results
  • Facilitate resident access to local support services through the development of protocols and Memoranda of Understanding.
  • Keep its website and social media platforms up-to-date.

SCH recognises that residents have the right not to participate if that is their wish.

SCH encourages residents to provide feedback about any of our services. Feedback can be provided in both formal and informal formats, including:

  • During home visits and house meetings
  • Though resident satisfaction surveys
  • By email.

Download SCH Engagement and Participation Policy