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Vote to put homelessness to bed

Vote to put homelessness to bed

Right now, the rate of homelessness is the highest it has ever been. Almost 25,000 Victorians are without a home, including 726 people in the seat of Albert Park and 417 people in the seat of Prahran.

In the lead up to the Victorian State election on Saturday, 24 November 2018, Sacred Heart Mission has come together with St Kilda Community Housing to launch an election campaign to address homelessness on a local level.

Together we bring more than 70 years of experience in housing and homelessness in this area.

There is a solution to homelessness. We know what works. We need more housing and more long-term support so people can get housed and stay housed. We are calling on all sides of government to commit to:

  • 200 social housing units each year in Inner South
  • a 50 bed-supported rooming house based on our Queens Road model
  • 200 support packages each year so people can sustain their housing
  • a targeted response to rough sleeping in the City of Port Phillip.

Will you use your voice and vote?

You have the power to put homelessness to bed. Now is our chance to make change.

Download our email template below to send to your local candidate:

Email template for Albert Park

Email template for Prahran


Albert Park candidates

Andrew Bond, Liberal candidate
0484 257 850

Martin Foley, Labor candidate:
03 9646 7173

Ogy Simic, Greens candidate:
0402 651 002

Prahran candidates

Dr Katie Allen, Liberal candidate:
0456 962 547

Sam Hibbins, Greens candidate:
03 9981 9501

Neil Pharaoh, Labor candidate:
0491 144 969


Please share our campaign with your friends and family who live in the area.

We need as many voices as possible to make our message heard: it’s time to put homelessness to bed, for good.


An invitation to celebrate

Barkly Street house

The Board and staff of St Kilda Community Housing are delighted to invite you to celebrate with us, the acquisition of 96 Barkly St, St Kilda, as a new housing solution for older single women.

You are invited to a house warming on Friday 7th September 2018 at 5.30pm at 96 Barkly St, St Kilda.

We will be joined by local Member of Parliament, Mr Martin Foley MP Minister for Housing, Disability and Ageing in the Victorian Government.

A tour of the property will follow an address on older women and homelessness presented by St. Kilda Community Housing Ltd. Board
Member and advocate, Ms Mary Bartlett.

Elenara Re-opens!

Elenara re-opens

On Friday 11 May 2018, Vic Housing Minister Martin Foley MP formally opened our newly renovated rooming house ‘Elenara’ at 2 Fitzroy Street – St Kilda. The historic former seaside hotel built 100 years ago, close to St Kilda Beach, has for most of its life housed vulnerable residents, and has been integral to our local community housing service. The valuable site had been threatened with sale under the previous government. Only after a passionate campaign by over 3,000 locals, and promises made by the incoming government, were we not only able to #SaveElenara, but – thanks to a multi-million dollar State Government upgrade grant – the building has been converted into modern, self contained living units.

The building has been returned to our lease – and is now already occupied with tenants, making it home. It is a great example of a state-of-the-art, clean, warm, safe rooming house featuring solar panels, solar hydronic heating and security and intercom systems. It is a model for social housing development in this state.

Photos include a previous tour by the St Kilda Community Housing board prior to tenancy, and the opening on Friday attended by reps from City of Port Phillip, Port Phillip Community Group, SouthPort UnitingCare, HousingFirst, StarHealth, the Victorian Government and many other local agencies and services.

Thanks for supporting the St Kilda Community Housing: Save Elenara Campaign!

You can see all of the photos in our Facebook page – click here.

Visual Voices: an exhibition of photography

St Kilda Community Housing invites you to our annual photography exhibition.

The wonderful photographs have been produced by our residents involved in our photographic group tutored by Carmel Louise.


Laneway Artspace, St Kilda, 148A Barkly Street, St Kilda
(just up the red brick laneway between St Kilda Cycles and Petbarn)

Exhibition Dates:

Thursday 25th May to Sunday 11 June, 2017. Open daily from 10am – 6pm.

Opening Event:

Thursday 25th May 2017, 6.30pm (at The Laneway Artspace).

Exhibition proudly sponsored by:

  • St Kilda Community Housing
  • Epson
  • Kayell Australia


Forum: New Models of Housing Tenure

According to the Melbourne Institute HILDA report home ownership rates could fall below 50% by as early as next year. We have rising rates of people sleeping rough on the streets of Melbourne and across the State as the newspapers have been reporting lately and private rental is becoming less affordable for those on low to moderate incomes.

How are we going to solve what looks like a perfect storm of housing problems?

Come along to Baxter Hall at Christ Church St Kilda, 14 Acland Street on Thursday August 18th at 5.15pm and hear three speakers talk about alternative housing tenures to either home ownership or renting. There are solutions out there. We just need our policy people and politicians to embrace them.
  • John Enticott on Community Land Trusts in Australia
  • Liz Mumford on mixed equity housing
  • John McInerney on the potential of co-operative housing
Refreshments provided
RSVP or 9534 1809 by August 15th

‘Just Out of Frame’ Photography Exhibition

St Kilda Community Housing presents the wonderful photographs produced by our residents.involved in our photographic group, as tutored by Carmel Louise.

Just Out Of Frame is an exhibition showcasing a diverse collection of photographers.

Each photographer brings something unique to the exhibition from the simplicity of a momentary pause, observation and capture of imagery, to naturally occurring abstracted forms and light refraction. From the light hearted to feminist concepts, varied themes are explored that are richly intense in colour, form and texture.

Venue: Gasworks Arts Park, 21 Graham Street, Albert Park. (Contact phone 8606 4200)

Exhibition Dates: Tuesday 19th July to 7th August 2016 Open Daily from 9am to 4pm

Opening Event: Thursday 21st July, 6-8pm (at Gasworks).


Exhibition proudly sponsored by:

  • Collier Charitable Fund
  • St Kilda Community Housing
  • Michaels Cameras
  • Epson
  • Kayell Australia




Forum: Building Opportunities

You are invited to a St Kilda Community Housing run forum to be held on:

Thursday April 21st 2016 commencing at 5.30pm
St Kilda Army & Navy Club
88 Acland Street, St Kilda.

“Building Opportunities: The role of affordable housing” with guest speaker Dennis Glover.

Dennis Glover has worked for two decades as an academic, newspaper columnist, policy adviser and speechwriter to Australia’s most senior political, business and community leaders. An often outspoken political commentator, his most recent book is An Economy is not a Society. His previous books include The Art of Great Speeches and Orwell’s Australia.

Federal Election Issues Campaign

This event will also launch St Kilda Community Housing’s Federal Election Issues Campaign to raise the question:

“If we spent 2% of GDP on Housing, could we resolve Homelessness and Housing Affordability in Australia”

RSVP or 9534 1809

Refreshments will be provided

(Without a Home) they took me into care.

Homelessness and Child Protection

The data on the relationship between homelessness and being involved in child protection are not extensive. In 2012, the Australian Institute of Health and Welfare attempted to link data between child protection SAAP and juvenile justice sources. The published report stated that of those young people with a substantiated child protection notification, 6% had received support from homeless services in the past 12 months, whilst 7% had received homeless support in the year after their most recent substantiated notification.[1] 

Read More

Open Day at Seaside [Sunday 6 Sept 12-2pm]

For the first time ever, St Kilda Community Housing is throwing open the doors of one of its largest rooming houses to the general public.

Seaside Lodge, at 342 Beaconsfield Parade, was built in 1917 in the Edwardian style. It remained intact until 1985, when a fire swept through both the front and the back buildings. The back building was completely destroyed and could not be salvaged but the front building retained much of its original structure. The building remained damaged for two years, when the then Ministry of Housing purchased the building and set about restoring the front building and rebuilding the back section.

Seaside after the fire

Seaside after the fire

When these works were completed, the property was handed over to the St Kilda Rooming House Issues Group (now St Kilda Community Housing, SCH) for them to manage on behalf of the Ministry. All up, the two buildings accommodated 59 people in single rooms with shared facilities.

It continued to be run as a traditional rooming house until 2010, when the building was gradually emptied to make way for a new redevelopment of both buildings into self-contained units for SCH residents. The redevelopment was officially launched by the then Housing Minister, Wendy Lovell, in 2012. There are now 36 people living in the two buildings.

Seaside Lodge has gone from being an extremely difficult property to manage to one of our best properties. There is very little turnover in tenants and a very high level of satisfaction.

Come and join us on September 6th for Open Day at 342 Beaconsfield Parade. We’ll be offering hot dogs and drinks as well as guided tours of this magnificent rooming house. The action takes place between 12.00-2.00pm. Call 9534 1809 or email to RSVP.

St Kilda Community Housing Dinner Photos

Check out the photos from our inaugural community dinner with Colin Lane as MC and Minister Martin Foley addressing the event. Everyone had a great time.

Friends of StKCH Community Dinner

You and your friends are invited to the Friends of St Kilda Community Housing inaugural fundraising Community Dinner. Come along and help us celebrate 30 years of building sustainable social housing in St Kilda.

7pm Friday 1 May 2015, St Kilda Town Hall.

There will be an MC and entertainment. More details will be confirmed on this page.

Dinner will be catered by HEAT, a practical youth re-engagement program delivered from the SKYS Learning Centre in South Melbourne, and run in partnership with William Angliss Institute TAFE and the City of Port Phillip. Alcoholic and soft drinks will be provided.

Tickets are $85 each (or $150 for 2 tickets). Funds raised will go to the St Kilda Community Housing Solar Energy Project.

RSVP by 20 April 2015

The People’s Solar Project

Community housing providers are having to raise rents for their tenants because of the ever-increasing costs of utilities.

This is affecting some of the poorest and most disadvantaged people in our society.

To change this situation,  St Kilda Community Housing has joined with The People’s Solar to establish the first ever crowd funding project to kick start the first round of funding needed to put 15Kw of power on the roof of one of our rooming houses.

Do you want to help disadvantaged people and the environment at one and the same time?

Then help St Kilda Community Housing raise the money to raise the solar panels on our roof.

To donate please visit


Without a Home Campaign

Without a Home Campaign

Campaign to put housing affordability on the state election agenda

Local Community Housing organisations are asking voters to consider housing when making a decision at the Victorian State Election on November 29.

St Kilda Community Housing, South Port Community Housing Group and the Port Phillip Housing Association, supported by the Community Housing Federation of Victoria (CHFV), are running a ‘Without a Home’ campaign.

“Affordable Housing does not receive the priority it should,” St Kilda Community Housing General Manager John Enticott said “the lack of investment in building, acquiring and maintaining affordable housing reflects this, as does the ease with which State Governments can dispose of vital public housing stock.”

The campaign asks candidates and parties in the upcoming state election to back a strong safety net to ensure that every Victorian household has access to and is able to maintain a home.

Put up a poster

The campaign has produced of a series of posters reminding voters that “Without a Home …” most Victorians would face all sorts of difficulties such as maintaining employment, family, health, education and personal safety.

You can download and print one of the A3 posters to display yourself – or you can call Mandy at St Kilda Community Housing on 9534 1809 if you are interested in having a larger poster in the front window of your business, or a garden sign in your front yard if it is in a prominent position.

Does your local candidate support housing?

The campaign seeks to poll candidates on their positions on issues of Housing affordability and support for safety net housing such as community housing in the electorates that they want to represent.

You can visit to find out more about what the various political parties are saying about housing policy and who your local candidate is.

Housing affordability

Homelessness is on the rise due to a severe shortage of affordable housing. Affordable housing is defined as 30 per cent or less of household income going to cover the cost of rent or a mortgage; anything over this and people become ‘housing stressed’.

The recent Melbourne hearings of the Federal Senate Enquiry into Affordable Housing in September received many submissions from Victorian housing organisations urging policy makers to take action to increase the supply of affordable housing stock.

“Low income earners are being priced out of the private rental market at an alarming rate and social housing options are shrinking,” according to HomeGround Services CEO Dr Heather Holst. “Barriers to safe and secure tenancies in both private rental and social housing need to be addressed so that we can offer people on low incomes decent housing.”

Rooming Houses are often a last resort for many people, when the only other option is short term shelters or homelessness. But the need for housing affordability is not limited to low income and vulnerable people.

“The fluctuating economy, rising unemployment and the spiralling cost of living has put greater pressure on people of all ages to meet monthly mortgages and rentals.” said Mr Enticott “Entering or returning to the property market with housing prices ballooning has been described as impossible, leaving little option but renting, rooming houses, or public and community housing for more and more people.”

The impact of housing affordability

The social and economic costs of not acting on the affordable housing crisis are high and will be prolonged if action isn’t urgently taken to make sure every Victorian household has access to a safe and affordable home.

“Tenants in housing stress have no chance of saving a deposit towards home ownership,” adds Dr Holst “When a person is in a constant state of housing crisis it also makes it difficult to participate actively in social and community activities.”

“When someone dismisses housing issues by saying ‘if you can’t afford to live there, move on’, they should ask themselves ‘what if one day I was forced out of the home and the community that I had lived for most of my life, for reasons out of my control, where would I live, and would anyone care?’” said Mr Enticott “Well, many Victorians like us do care, and so too should our elected representatives.”

More information on the campaign


You can download any of the posters here.

Launch of the Rooming House Survival Guide

Rooming House Survival Guide

On Monday August 4th at 4.00pm, the Mayor of the City of Port Phillip, Amanda Stevens, will be launching the rooming house survival guide. The guide will be available in both hard copy and in interactive format. The launch will be held at Baxter Hall, Christ Church Community Centre 14 Acland Street St Kilda.