St Kilda Community Housing (SCH) is planning to undertake a full internal refurbishment of its Little Grey Street property, the Beach House, converting it into 22 fully self-contained units for low income singles and individuals who are homeless or at risk
of homelessness.

The redevelopment of the Beach House is part of our ongoing property upgrade and redevelopment program.  Jointly funded by the State Government and SCH, it is anticipated that the capital works will commence mid-2019 with the project to be completed by 2020.

The refurbishment of the Beach House into self-contained independent living units better reflects the needs of our clients. Our goal is to increase safe and secure housing opportunities for low income and at-risk singles in St Kilda by expanding the supply of affordable community housing.

The relocation of the Beach House residents was successful and the majority of residents relocated to other SCH rooming houses.  To ensure that the property was vacant and ready for the upgrade to start mid-2019, SCH issued all residents with
a letter and 120 Day Notice to Vacate.

SCH in partnership with support, housing services and T2M, worked with the residents to assist them in relocating from the Beach House and to other SCH rooming houses.