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Save Elenara

Elenara St Kilda Community Housing

Elenara is an historic rooming house at the beach end of Fitzroy Street, St Kilda under threat of closure and possible sale by the State Government.

Elenara is currently home to 37 low income residents. In July this year the operators, St Kilda Community Housing, were informed that their proposed upgrade of Elenara was to be put on hold pending a review of the project and the development of a business case which would consider the sale of the property.

The building is one of St Kilda’s heritage private hotels, and was built in 1908. St Kilda Community Housing have managed this property since 1982 and were shocked that a decision like this could be made without consultation. At a subsequent meeting with departmental staff this position was reiterated and St Kilda Community Housing were advised that a decision on the future of the property would be made around November this year.

Whilst St Kilda Community Housing recognises the role of the Director of Housing in this matter, the community are organising a campaign to raise awareness of the potential sell off, closure and redevelopment of Elenara once it is in private hands; and to raise concern over the wider fate of community housing and heritage accommodation buildings in our local area.

We ask you to ‘like’ anSave Elenara Campaignd share the ‘Save Elenara’ Facebook page, and join the campaign to save Elenara and show your support for community housing in St Kilda. We want our voice to be heard by the State Government in this election year. We also seek the support of all local MPs, state election candidates and the local council to save Elenara and community housing.

Without community and public housing there would be no affordable housing for low income people.

If Elenara were to be closed down, the 37 tenants would in all likelihood remain in St Kilda – but many of them would be living on the streets.

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