Phone : +61 03 9534 1809 Not-for-profit housing agency providing affordable accommodation for low-income, disadvantaged people.

Issues Group

The St Kilda Rooming House Issues Group (SKRHIG) is both the precursor of, and the sister organisation to, St Kilda Community Housing. However, unlike the latter organisation the SKRHIG is an incorporated body and not a company limited by guarantee. SHRHIG is a membership-based organisation with a current membership of around 40.

Although St Kilda Community Housing emerged from the SKRHIG, it was decided to retain the Issues Group as a membership-based body because it is better able to reflect grassroots views of what’s happening to low-income people in the St Kilda area. Moreover, as a separate entity that is not funded by the Office of Housing or any other government agency, the Issues Group is able to take an independent stance on a variety of policies.
Here’s a photograph of one of the first properties acquired by the SKRHIG – Avoncourt. This is on the day it was opened by Frank Wilkes who was the Minister for Housing. The year is 1987.